Turn any space into a SMART one.

Transform any space into a smart, sustainable and safe workplace, make buildings more efficient, and improve employee performance. Energize employees, enhance concentration, and facilitate collaboration with apps for personalizing lighting and locating free meeting rooms and work spaces.


Lighting management.

Monitor and manage your lighting across multiple floors or buildings, from any location. An intuitive dashboard affords insight into lighting usage, and lets you remotely optimize your lighting to reduce operational costs.

Lighting asset management.

Good quality, reliable lighting is essential for employee comfort, performance, and safety. Our Interact Office system can monitor and manage lighting performance across your entire office. A remote diagnostics dashboard displays notifications of faults and outages for immediate response, while real-time performance data supports predictive maintenance.

Energy Optimisation 

Energy-efficient LED lighting and smart lighting control minimizes lighting energy usage and helps you achieve your sustainability goals. Data collected over the connected lighting system offers insight for reducing CO2 emissions and lighting energy costs. Daylight harvesting and occupancy detection let you reduce lighting and other services when not needed.


Scene Management.

Create a better office environment with connected LED lighting and Interact Office Scene management that lets you set light schedules or dimming programs. Enhance employee well-being by supporting individually personalized lighting via a smart phone app. Employees can use different light recipes, where appropriate, for concentration and brainstorming.

Space and Occupancy Management.

Capture and analyze building occupancy data to give you insight into how your buildings space is used over time so you can create a workspace that truly meets the needs of your business. 

With Governments having imposed a social distancing regulation to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Many businesses are now required to control the number of visitors entering their facility or areas within their building. Many have responded by assigning physical personnel to control the customer traffic at their entrances. Our systems have Automated Occupancy Control that is dedicated to provide a more cost-effective and efficient way to abide by these safety regulations during the global pandemic.

Indoor Navigation

Where’s the nearest free workspace or meeting room? What about the coffee machine? Interact Office Indoor navigation uses the lighting infrastructure, real-time indoor positioning data, and a smartphone app to guide employees to where they want to go. Hyper-accurate indoor navigation enables countless new applications to save employees’ time and improve their experience.


Bio-adaptive lighting.

Helps you get the best out of your biggest investment; your people. Different levels of light intensity and color temperatures
can support well-being, help to energize staff and enhance performance by aligning with the body’s circadian rhythm.