Founded in 2015 Eclipse Controls has evolved into a company that designs, supplies, commissions and maintains lighting services and building management systems across all sectors ranging from retail and hospitality through to industrial and commercial.


Architecture Through Lighting Design

The importance of good quality lighting that is controlled, scene set in the correct way, and designed with the space in mind cannot be overlooked.

Take for example a restaurant that operates from early morning through to late night, just by changing the setting of the lighting this space can be totally transformed in both look and feel.

The Eclipse design process can range from routine layout drawings to a full design schedule that incorporates wiring schematics, lighting calculations, and more.

All of our design work is carried out by our in-house team.


Transformative Lighting Design

At Eclipse we design lighting and building control systems that allow the end user to operate in a space with more energy efficiency while also achieving optimum comfort levels, all with full automation.

From controlling window shading to prevent glare or solar gain to altering lighting and HAVC levels to match the task at hand, our engineering team design and create truly smart building management systems.


Highly Minimalistic Interiors

At Eclipse, we believe that a successful building control system is one that day-to-day users do not even know is there.

We aim to design and deliver automated buildings that allow occupants to go about their daily work without having to interact with complicated interfaces or systems.

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