Irish Life Public Realm Dublin.

Client Brief:

To provide an intuitive system to control all white and colour lighting in the refurbished public areas and fountain of the iconic Irish Life buildings.

Design considerations:

The systems chosen needed to be fully automated allowing a full yearly schedule of lighting scenes and dynamic lighting shows. The main control equipment was to be located in a basement plant room with integration to the buildings overall building management system for override by the 24/7 security team.

Equipment chosen:

Given the mix of fixed output white and dynamic colour change lighting on this project we chose to use a combination of Philips Dynalite for fixed lighting and Pharos Architectural Controls for colour change lighting.

Project delivery:

We designed a fully integrated system and provided the electrical contractors CJ Ryder Lawlor with all the products and information needed to successfully deliver the controls portion of the project. A custom system enclosure was built off site in our workshop and then delivered to site for installation by the contractors. All power and control equipment for the lighting was built into this enclosure with everything wired to terminals, this allows for a faster and simpler install process for the contractor..


Following the initial test and setup of the lighting and control equipment our commissioning engineers worked closely with the lighting designer and client to deliver a fully automated system that meets with the client’s requirements.

Final product:

After spending many nights carrying out colour tuning and scene setting the client was left with a fully automated system that runs a different static lighting show each night of the week with each of these shows running a 5 minute dynamic show every hour on the hour. The system also has a number of pre-scheduled special events and also the ability for the system to be overridden through the building management system by the security team.