Facade Lighting

Facade lighting is used to highlight the architectural beauty of a building’s front-facing exterior.

Facade Lighting

What is Facade Lighting?

Facade lighting is a transformative lighting technique used to accentuate the architectural features of a building and make it really stand out.

It is often used on historical or landmark buildings and structures to highlight their importance. Additionally, intuitive lighting controls facilitate the programming of different lighting displays and shows.


Facade Lighting


Facade Lighting by OneEightyOne

Eclipse is a trusted reseller partner of OneEightyOne’s stunning range of facades

Whether you opt for centralised or decentralised controls, these facades can provide the most dynamic of lighting shows.

Additionally, the high quality of OneEightyOne’s facades ensures minimal maintenance post-installation.

A popular example of the OneEightyOne facades product range is the LED Strip 5m HE.


LED Strip 5m HE

This is a 24v strip of highly efficient LED bulbs that comes in a wide range of colour temperatures. Find out more here.


Facade Lighting


Facade Lighting by Pharos

Eclipse is a trusted reseller partner of the industry-leading Pharos range of Facades.

Pharos use environmentally friendly and cost-effective LED fixtures to create unique, colour-changing lighting displays.

Pharos seamlessly integrates with architectural control systems to offer highly reliable and fully customisable facade solutions.


Features of Pharos Facade Lighting

For long-term installations, Pharos offers exceptional scalability and reliability. Its features include:

  • Endless scalability
  • Timelines and scenes
  • Designer trigger
  • Remote management

Whatever your facade lighting needs, Eclipse will find the perfect solution for you.

Get in touch to discuss your needs. 

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