A Team of Passionate Lighting Experts.

Founded in 2015 Eclipse Controls has evolved into a company that designs, supplies, commissions and maintains lighting and building management systems across all sectors ranging from retail and hospitality through to industrial and commercial.

We don’t only light things up. We create an experience.

Our founder Paul Williams is passionate about creating experiences through light. Take a look at some of our projects and see just what we’ve been able to achieve!

Our Story

Eclipse controls was founded out of a previous residential automation company which at the time recognised an opening in the commercial and industrial markets for good quality lighting and control systems. Eclipse initially started life as the only Irish Value-Added Partner for the Signify range of lighting controls systems. Eclipse soon identified that our clients liked the way we do things and wanted more product and service ranges from us. Eclipse have expanded our ranges to include many other specialist lighting systems from the Signify range along with control systems from market leading companies such as Pharos Controls, Invent Design and ABB.  Eclipse continue to develop and source ground-breaking products so as to offer our clients the very best solutions available.

How we work?

From the very beginning it was our aim to not just take the easiest route on a project but to engage with our clients and develop systems that offered the correct level of functionality at a budget the client can meet.



In order to provide our clients with the best mix of systems and functionality it is first important to understand the operational requirements of the building the systems will be installed. Through our industry experience across all sectors we have come to know when a simple standalone system is required verses a fully networked system with graphical front end. In the case of a school a standalone system will be best whereas a Pharmaceutical plant will require a fully networked system.


Upon approval of designs by our clients we move into the build phase of the project. At this stage our engineering team will take control of the project and work in tandem with the client’s contractors to assist in the delivery of the project. Our engineering team will work with the clients contractors on the project and will offer support and advice from initial cabling through to final client handover.


The next step in the process is to carry out the detailed design process in conjunction with our clients. This can range from simple layout drawings to a full design schedule including wiring schematics, lighting calculations and more. All of our design work is carried out by our in-house team.


The biggest issue we have seen with lighting and management systems has been due to lack of ongoing service and maintenance. The Eclipse engineering team offer ongoing service and maintenance of all lighting and control systems. This service and maintenance ensures that the clients initial investment continues to operate at its fullest giving maximum user experience and energy efficiency.

Who do we work with?

Eclipse work with a broad range of clients including but not limited to specifying engineers, electrical contractors, building owners, government bodies and residential audio-visual installers. While we are always expanding our client base the majority of our clients are repeat or have come to us on the recommendation of our existing clients.